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"How OU Prof. Janette Habashi’s Bake Sale Idea Became An International Charity" - Zeki Learning

"كيف أصبحت فكرة بيع المخبوزات للأستاذة OU الأستاذة جانيت حبشي مؤسسة خيرية دولية"

Did you catch our story on NPR?

"University of Oklahoma human relations professor Janette Habashi grew up was born in Jerusalem, but left to pursue graduate work in England and the United States. But her native West Bank has never been far from her heart.

She founded the charity Child’s Cup Full, which distributes handmade toys and crafts throughout low-income and refugee communities in the West Bank. It started the way fundraisers typically do – with bake sales, yoga classes, and music events. They eventually reached out to local businesses to ask for musical instruments...

...She wanted to do more, so she learned from her mistakes and decided to start hiring refugee women to give them a job opportunity and capitalize on her skills with early childhood education."

Listen and read more online here.

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