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فريق نوتردام يزور مركز الحرفيين للتعليم زكي ليرننغ

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Notre Dame Team visits Zeki Learning Artisan Center

(Photo provided by the University of Notre Dame/Barbara Johnston)

Earlier this year, we hosted a team of students from the University of Notre Dame’s Business on the Frontlines class. They have been working with Zeki since December and were so excited to visit our production facility in Zababdeh. Pictured here is the team (from right to left): TJ, Kyle, Ally, Molly, and Hillary. TJ, Kyle, and Ally are all 2nd year MBA students. Molly is a 3rd year law student, and Hillary is a first year MBA student. This was their first lunch in Zabebdah, a full home cooked traditional Palestinian meal!

(Photo provided by the University of Notre Dame/Barbara Johnston)

The team was eager to start working with everyone and learn more about Zeki! They are pictured here with their alumni advisor, Erin (center). The team spent their time learning about the production process, studying the materials, and photographing our products. 


Here, members of the team are discussing a new product idea (left) and learning the construction process for an existing product (right). It was beneficial for them to immerse into our day-to-day production schedule in order to make educated recommendations for our business.

(Photo provided by the University of Notre Dame/Barbara Johnston)

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