Arabic Spelling Mat

$ 69.99

The Arabic Spelling Mat is a hands-on way for children to explore and learn the Arabic alphabet. This set has 133 pieces, including the different shapes of each letter, determined by the letter’s placement at the beginning, middle or end of the word. The letters are color coded according to the letter position in the word (beginning, middle and end). This is a complete set of the Arabic alphabet (including all harakat and tashkil), allowing for entertaining and stimulating play that teaches the basis of the Arabic language. The child’s spelling skills are developed through this play, identifying how to visually recognize and differentiate between each letter and its three forms, as it changes shape depending on its position in the word. In addition, the child can play with a letter by tracing around it, allowing them to become familiar with writing each letter and the different shapes.

The Arabic Spelling Mat provides a tactile and interactive experience that makes learning the Arabic alphabet fun and enjoyable. Children can easily handle the fabric pieces, allowing them to explore and differentiate between letters and vowels and become familiar with their shapes and functions. Through play with this set, children build a solid foundation to read and write in the Arabic language. 

With its compact and portable design, the Arabic Spelling Mat is a fun learning activity to use at home, while traveling, or in quiet places.This toy encourages open-experimentation that develops children’s understanding of the properties of language, while the hands-on, tactile experience of playing with the pieces aids in memory retention. Play with this Bag develops long-term skills in language, reasoning, literacy, fine motor skills, and overall cognitive development. This Bag can be played independently, or with friends. 

Key Features:

  • Bag measures 13”x16”
  • Made with upcycled cotton blend fabric, felt, and cotton lining.
  • Machine washable
  • 133 pieces
  • Compact design (Play mat rolls up and comes with a cotton carrying case for small pieces)
  • Can be played with independently, or with others

Learning Objectives:

  • Language and reasoning
  • Literacy
  • Fine motor skills
  • Cognitive development

For children ages 3+

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