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How to Keep The Peace When The Weather Means Staying Indoors

How to Keep The Peace When The Weather Means Staying Indoors

Oh, the weather outside is so frightful! If you’re stuck inside with kids during the winter, that doesn’t mean that your life has to be anything but delightful. That is, if you plan ahead and make sure you have a routine that will keep your family from getting bored and cranky.

Which is why Zeki Learning wants parents like you to have this winter weather survival guide!


It’s Okay to Let Your Kids Use Tech

As much as we use it in our everyday lives, tech has gotten a bad rap with parents. Although screen limits are still up for debate, most experts agree that the type of activities your kids use their tech for is much more important than how long they use it. With so many educational and skill-building games, videos and apps out there, finding quality content is easier than ever.

Think you can’t afford a tablet just for your kids? Well if you shop carefully, you may find that the latest tablets, smartphones and other gadgets are well within your reach! You see, most wireless companies will deeply discount tech when you trade-in or upgrade your existing device. The savings are even sweeter if you’re a new customer!


Unless You Have Younger Children

If it helps keep your home serene in the winter, some extra screen time won’t harm your older children. For kids ages 2 to 5, however, the use of tech and screens should be limited to an hour or less each day. That means you will need to find other ways to fill the remaining hours, but don’t stress out just yet! Younger kids can actually be much easier to keep busy.

One simple and affordable trick is to stock up on learning toys from Zeki Learning. Your little ones will have a blast playing with puzzles, story books and all of the other creative toys Zeki Learning has in their lineup. Also, every toy is soft and safe enough for kids to play with on their own.


Arts and Crafts are Another Fun Activity

Toys and tech will only occupy little ones for so long, but you can also look for fun arts and crafts to keep the winter blues and boredom away. Now the first thing that comes to mind when you think of art and your younger children may be a big mess. If you use these ideas from the craft queen herself, Martha Stewart, you can keep creative projects tidy and fun for everyone.

Prefer to let your kids express themselves with paint and other mess-making materials? You may be onto something! Studies have shown that allowing children time to explore their creative passions can be very good for their development. If you do want to keep spills and accidents from leaving marks on your home, you could always set up a dedicated art corner for your kids.


Your Kids Also Need to Get Up and Move

All of the indoor activities already mentioned can help your kids stay busy, and that can be good for your productivity when you have other responsibilities on your plate. You need this sort of balance of structure and routine to maintain order when your family is stuck inside together, especially if you are working from home. But it’s also important for everyone to stay active!

When you can’t get outside for play and exercise, you can schedule breaks for online workouts instead. Here’s a huge list of videos and workouts to help get you started, and it includes plenty of ideas for both adults and children. That means you can either hit “play” and let your kids burn off excess energy alone, or you can get in on the fun for some family fitness time.

Don’t let frightful weather create chaos inside for your family! Be prepared with a mix of educational, active and creative activities to fill those down hours. Creating consistent routines with just the right amount of flexibility is the best way to survive the winter, or any time when the weather is too bleak, rainy or cold to get outdoors. Also remember to leave time for fun!


Written by: thespencersadventures.net

Photo Credit: Unsplash




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