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Juggling Parenthood and Entrepreneurship: Tips for Success

By Janette Habashi  •  0 comments  •   3 minute read

Juggling Parenthood and Entrepreneurship: Tips for Success

Starting a business from home can be a smart and effective decision. If you are a new parent, balancing your baby and your new business is a challenge. Follow these tips from Zeki Learning to juggle running a new business and parenting.


Create Your Business Strategy

The work and family balance gets a lot easier when you have a clear strategy. No business is built overnight. Businesses take time to reach success. If you are worried about the stress of running a business, find a like-minded partner. Before you take the plunge into operating a business out of your home, make sure that you know your company’s mission, where you’ll receive funding, and how you’ll make a profit.

Also, consider an LLC for your home-based business. Forming an LLC protects you because you won’t be accountable for business debts and liabilities. LLCs have less paperwork and more flexibility. Tax advantages include the ability to choose how you’ll be taxed. You can be taxed as a sole proprietor, a partnership, S corporation or C corporation. Make sure to check the rules ahead of time before getting started with Texas LLC registration. To help with the legwork, you can use a formation service.


Develop a Routine

According to experts in child development, naps are critical for your baby’s development. Newborns cannot tell morning from evening, and the routine can aid them in establishing a circadian rhythm.

Around four to six weeks of age, start dimming the lights, bathing and feeding your child at night. At three months, you can start incorporating rituals into the day. If you journal your baby’s feeding and sleeping schedule, you can establish a routine.

Routine is also critical to those who work from home. Try to schedule all your tasks for the day. While working from home with a baby does demand some flexibility, a schedule can keep you on task when necessary.

If your baby is old enough for you to schedule naps or if you log what times your baby is most likely to nap, you can take advantage of it and get some work in.


Hire a Babysitter

If you need to focus on your work throughout the day, then you might want to consider a babysitter. Even if you work from home, you may not be able to give your baby your full attention. There are websites that cater to finding someone who specializes in childcare.


Let Technology Help

If you need to be alone while working, there are baby monitors that utilize the latest technologies so that you can watch your baby when he or she is out of the room. There are also sound machines that can soothe your baby to sleep or emit a soft glow.

Consider using mobile apps to track your baby as well. There are apps that help with pregnancy, finding childcare and logging your baby’s habits.

Running a business from home has its share of obstacles, but when you’re a new parent, there are more to consider. The best piece of advice is to find a routine and stick to it. When you have a plan, it is easier to balance parenting and your new business.


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